Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
> The skip table really should be constructed only once in 
> text_position_start and stored in TextPositionState. That would make a 
> big difference to the performance of those functions that call 
> text_position_next repeatedly: replace_text, split_text and text_to_array.

I Wrote:
> Of course you are right. That will help for replace and the like. I'll
> update the patch tonight.

I've made and attached the changes Heikki recommended.
Also updated benchmark spreadsheet. Here ->

Previously there was an error with "Test 6", the test that benchmarked
replace(). I kept this one so not to affect the summary result in the new
sheet. I then added the sheet "Replace Test" to show more accurate results.
I had failed to notice that the optimizer was helping me out more than I
wanted it to.

My tested replace() script runs in 91% of the time than the 8.3 version. 
I've not tested with the CVS head.

Now that the skip table is a member of TextPositionState, I was not quite
sure if I should #define a size for it. It would certainly look neater, only
the code that defines the skip table size in text_position_start assumes 256

Any thoughts on this?


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