We use a system in filmproduction called DaVinci Resolve. It uses a pgsql 
database when you work in a collaborative workflow and multiple people share 
projects. Previously it was using pgsql 8.4 but for a new major upgrade they 
recommend an upgrade to 9.5. Probably also to some macOS limitation/support and 
that 9.x is required for macOS >10.11.

They (BlackMagic Design) provide three tools for the migration.
1. For for dumping everything form the old 8.4 database
2. One for upgrading from 8.4 to 9.5
3. One for restoring the backup in step 1 in 9.5

All that went smoothly and working in the systems also works smoothly and as 
good as previously, maybe even a bit better/faster.

What's not working smoothly is my daily pg_dump's though. I don't have a 
reference to what's a big and what's a small database since I'm no db-guy and 
don't really maintain nor work with it on a daily basis. Pretty much only this 
system we use that has a db system like this. Below is a list of what we dump.

930M Nov 18 13:31 filmserver03_2017-11-18_132043_dailies_2017_01.backup
2.2K Nov 18 13:20 filmserver03_2017-11-18_132043_postgres.backup
522K Nov 18 13:20 filmserver03_2017-11-18_132043_resolve.backup
23G Nov 18 19:37 filmserver03_2017-11-18_132043_resolve_2017_01.backup
5.1G Nov 18 20:54 filmserver03_2017-11-18_132043_resolve_2017_02.backup
10G Nov 18 23:34 filmserver03_2017-11-18_132043_resolve_filmserver02.backup
516K Nov 18 23:35 filmserver03_2017-11-18_132043_temp_backup_test.backup
1.9G Nov 19 00:05 filmserver03_2017-11-18_132043_temp_dev_resolve14.backup

The last pg_dump with 8.4 took 212 minutes and 49 seconds.And now with 9.5 the 
very same pg_dump takes 644 minutes and 40 seconds. To it takes about three 
times as long now and I have no idea to why. Nothing in the system or hardware 
other than the pgsql upgrade have change.

I dump the db's with a custom script and this is the line I use to get the DB's:
DATABASES=$(${BINARY_PATH}/psql --user=postgres -w --no-align --tuples-only 
--command="SELECT datname from pg_database WHERE NOT datistemplate")

After that I iterate over them with a for loop and dump with:
${BINARY_PATH}/pg_dump --host=localhost --user=postgres --no-password --blobs 
--format=custom --verbose --file=${pg_dump_filename}_${database}.backup 
${database} | tee -a ${log_pg_dump}_${database}.log

When observing the system during the dump it LOOKS like it did in 8.4. pg_dump 
is using 100% of one core and from what I can see it does this through out the 
operation. But it's still sooooo much slower. I read about the parallell option 
in pg_dump for 9.5 but sadly I cannot dump like that because the application in 
question can (probably) not import that format on it's own and I would have to 
use pgrestore or something. Which in theory is fine but sometimes one of the 
artists have to import the db backup. So need to keep it simple.

The system is:
MacPro 5,1
2x2.66 GHz Quad Core Xeon
macOS 10.11.6
PostgreSQL 9.5.4
DB on a 6 disk SSD RAID

I hope I got all the info needed. Really hope someone with more expertise and 
skills than me can point me in the right direction.

Cheers and thanks

Henrik Cednert
cto | compositor

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