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> "Henrik Cednert (Filmlance)" <henrik.cedn...@filmlance.se> writes:
>> The last pg_dump with 8.4 took 212 minutes and 49 seconds.And now with 9.5 
>> the very same pg_dump takes 644 minutes and 40 seconds. To it takes about 
>> three times as long now and I have no idea to why. Nothing in the system or 
>> hardware other than the pgsql upgrade have change.
> Can you get a profile of where the machine is spending its time during the
> dump run?  On Linux I'd recommend "perf", but on macOS, hmm ...
> You could use Activity Monitor, but as far as I can see that just captures
> short-duration snapshots, which might not be representative of a 10-hour
> run.  XCode's Instruments feature would probably be better about giving
> a full picture, but it has a steep learning curve.

macOS's "sample" is pretty easy to use and produces text format output
that is easy to email.

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