On Nov 22, 2017, at 5:06 AM, Henrik Cednert (Filmlance) 
<henrik.cedn...@filmlance.se> wrote:
> When investigating the zlib lead I looked at 8.4 installation and 9.5 
> installation. 9.5 includes zlib.h (/Library/PostgreSQL//9.5/include/zlib.h), 
> but 8.4 doesn't. But that's a header file and I have no idea how that really 
> works and if that's the one used by pgres9.5 or not. The version in it says 
> 1.2.8 and that's what the Instruments are showing when I monitor pg_dump 
> while running. 
> Guess I'll have to install instruments in a dev env and do a pg_dump with 8.4 
> to see the difference. Tedious. =/ 

I would also check the library linkages of the pg_dump binaries.

See if one thing is using an embedded zlib and the other a system zlib.

Then you could imagine one didn't get compiled with the best-performing CFLAGS, 


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