Thanks Jeremy,

We will provide a more complete EXPLAIN as other people have suggested.

I am glad we might end up with a much better performance (currently each
query takes around 2 seconds!).


Em 27 de dez de 2017 14:02, "Jeremy Finzel" <> escreveu:

> 'Index Scan using idx_user_country on card  (cost=0.57..1854.66 rows=460
> width=922)'
> '  Index Cond: (((user_id)::text = '4684'::text) AND (user_country =
> 'BR'::bpchar))'

Show 3 runs of the full explain analyze plan on given condition so that we
can also see cold vs warm cache performance.

There is definitely something wrong as there is no way a query like that
should take 500ms.  Your instinct is correct there.

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