On 24 Jun 2003 at 12:10, Achilleus Mantzios wrote:

> On Tue, 24 Jun 2003, Shridhar Daithankar wrote:
> > With java runnning on same machine, I would not trust that machine for having 
> > free RAM all the time, no matter how much RAM you have put into it.
> There are always the -Xmx, -Xss, -Xms jvm switches,
> to control stack (per thread) and heap sizes.

OK. I am not familiar with any of them. Are they related to java? Have never 
worked on java myself.

I was talking about OOM killer behaviour, which was beaten to death for last 
few days..

> > For both these reasons, I suggest you put your database on another machine. A 
> > dual CPU machine is more than enough. Put good deal RAM, around a GB and two 
> > SCSI disks, one for data and another for WAL. If you get RAID for data, great. 
> > But that should suffice otherwise as well.
> > 
> I think the DB on another machine could be from something helpfull,
> to an overkill, to a leg self shooting.
> Depending on the type of the majority of queries and the network speed
> someone should give an extra time to think about it.

I agree. but with the input provided, I think that remains as viable option.

> > And for that you got to try freeBSD. That would gave you plenty of idea about 
> > performance differences. ( Especially I love man hier and man tuning on 
> > freeBSD. Nothing on linux comes anywhere near to that)
> > 
> Its like comparing Mazda with VVT-i.

What are they? My guess is they are cars., Anyway,  I drive a tiny utility bike 
in far country like India..:-)

> Whould you expect to find the furniture fabric
> specs in the main engine manual?

Well, I agree they are different but not that much..:-) And  besides man tuning 
is much more helpful w.r.t. tuning a box. I still think it is relevant. and 
that was just one example why freeBSD is better server OS, out of the box, 
compared to linux.

No flame wars.. Peace..


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