On Tuesday 24 Jun 2003 8:39 am, Michael Mattox wrote:
> I'd like to get some feedback on my setup to see if I can optimize my
> database performance.  My application has two separate applications:
> The first application connects to websites and records the statistics in
> the database.  Websites are monitored every 5 or 10 minutes (depends on
> client), there are 900 monitors which comes out to 7,800 monitorings per
> hour.  
> There is a serious
> performance constraint here because unlike a webserver, this application
> cannot slow down.  If it slows down, we won't be able to monitor our sites
> at 5 minute intervals which will make our customers unhappy.

Others are discussing the performance/tuning stuff, but can I make one 

Don't log your monitoring info directly into the database, log straight to one 
or more text-files and sync them every few seconds. Rotate the files once a 
minute (or whatever seems suitable). Then have a separate process that reads 
"old" files and processes them into the database.

The big advantage - you can take the database down for a short period and the 
monitoring goes on. Useful for those small maintenance tasks.
  Richard Huxton

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