We currently have a public website that is serving customers, or at least trying to. This machine is underpowered but we are going to be upgrading soon. In the meantime we need to keep the current site alive.
We are running a Java application server. It is receiving 'transaction timed out' SQLExceptions from the JDBC driver. I am wondering if it would be better to raise the transaction timeout or to lower it. On one hand it seems like raising it might improve things. It might let the transactions complete, even though it would make the user experience less enjoyable having to wait longer. On the other hand I could see raising the transaction timeout just cause there to be more transactions in process which would thereby degrade performance since the machine would have even more work to do. Would, in fact, lowering the transaction timeout at least cause the machine to fail fast and return either an error or the page in a more timely manner on a per-user level? I'd like to keep people visiting the site while at the same time relieving some stress from the machine.
We have also done little to no performance tuning of Postgres' configuration. We do have indexes on all of the important columns and we have reindexed. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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