> > iostat reports heavy disk usage?

Do you know of another way to report disk activity?

> I don't know what that is.  I don't have an iostat utility on the 
> machine.  This is a Debian Linux machine.  Is there a package with that 
> utility in it?

I don't know.  It must be in a package somewhere.  Based on the amount
of swap that is used, you probably aren't.

>   Many thousand 'selects' per day though.

Ok.. Simple or complex?  Lots of data involved in the typical query or
very little?

> > Please attach your postgresql.conf file.

Try setting (postgresql.conf):

If dealing with large amounts of data in single queries, this will help:

shared_buffers = 2000
sort_mem = 8192

I'm afraid we'll need to see the actual queries (EXPLAIN ANALYZE output)
to help, since you have a primarily read based system.  Care to send in
the most common cases?

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