> I'm curious how many of the configuration values can be determined 
> automatically, or with the help of some script.  It seem like there 
> could be some perl script in contrib that could help figure this out.  
> Possibly you are asked a bunch of questions and then the values are 
> computed based on that.   Something like:
> How many tables will the system have?
> How much memory will be available to the postmaster?
> How many backends will there typically be?
> What is the avg seek time of the drive?
> What's the transfer rate of the drive?
> Seems to me that a lot of reasonable default values can be figure out 
> from these basic questions.  FSM settings, Sort Mem, Random Page Cost, 
> Effective Cache Size, Shared Memor, etc, etc.

Someone was working on a thing called pg_autotune or some such program
that'd do exactly what you're thinking of.  


Sean Chittenden

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