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I looked through the src/doc/runtime.sgml for a good place to stick this and couldn't find a place that this seemed appropriate, but on FreeBSD, this can be determined with a great deal of precision in a programmatic manner:

echo "effective_cache_size = $((`sysctl -n vfs.hibufspace` / 8192))"

The same OID is available via C too.  It'd be slick if PostgreSQL
could tune itself (on FreeBSD) at initdb time with the above code.  If
Linux exports this info via /proc and can whip out the appropriate
magic, even better.  An uncommented out good guess that shows up in
postgresql.conf would be stellar and quite possible with the use of

Maybe an initdb switch could be added to have initdb tune the config
it generates?  If a -n is added, have it generate a config and toss it
to stdout?

case `uname` in "FreeBSD") echo "effective_cache_size = $((`sysctl -n vfs.hibufspace` / 8192))" ;; *) echo "Unable to automatically determine the effective cache size" >> /dev/stderr ;; esac


Simplest way may be to create a 'auto-tune' directory with scripts for configured platforms. When postgres installs the databases, it checks for '' and if found uses that to generate the script itself?

This would allow for defaults on platforms that do not have them and optimization for those that do.

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