On Friday 04 Jul 2003 11:03 am, Rafal Kedziorski wrote:
> Hi,
> has anybody tested PostgreSQL 7.3.x tables agains MySQL 4.0.12/13 with
> InnoDB?

Lots of people probably. The big problem is that unless the tester's setup 
matches your intended usage the results are of little worth.

For the tests to be meaningful, you need the same:
 - hardware
 - OS
 - query complexity
 - usage patterns
 - tuning options

I'd suggest running your own tests with real data where possible. Just to make 
the situation more interesting, the best way to solve a problem in PG isn't 
necessarily the same in MySQL.

>From my experience and general discussion on the lists, I'd say MySQL can win 
 - simple selects
 - some aggregates (e.g. count(*))
PG wins for:
 - complex queries
 - large numbers of clients
 - stored procedures/functions
 - SQL compliance

  Richard Huxton

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