On Friday 04 July 2003 18:16, Michael Mattox wrote:
> > I'm actually leaving this list but I can answer this question.
> > Our results
> > were with a single user and we were running Inodb.  We were running on
> > RedHat 8.0 / 9.0 with vanilla linux settings.
> That's funny, you make a statement that Postgres was 3 times slower than
> MySQL and then you promptly leave the list!  Just kidding.
> It'd be interesting to see what happens if you test your system with a
> hundred users.  If it's a webapp you can use JMeter to do this really
> easily.

Hundred users is a later scenario. I am curious about "vanilla linux settings" 
What does that mean.

 Postgresql communmity would always like to help who need it but this thread 
so far gives me impression that OP isn't willing to provide sufficient 


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