On 2 Jul 2003 at 16:17, Mats Kling wrote:

> Hi all!
> I have a big trouble with a database and hope you can help out on how to 
> improve the time vacuum takes.
> The database grovs to ~60Gb and after a 'vacuum full' it's ~31Gb, after 
> about a week the database it up to 55-60Gb again and i have to do a 
> 'vacuum alalyze full'  to gain disk (the disk is 70Gb so I'm living on 
> the edge here ;(
> I have a maintenancewindow once a week but vacuuming this database takes 
> around 10-14 hours and I really wanna cut that time down.
> Since the disk is >85% full i tried to vacuum table by table instead of 
> doing the whole database and my feeling was that i think I gained a 
> speedup if I vacuumed the tables that takes most disk first (so the rest 
> of the tables have more disk to work on)..
> can this be true or was it just a feeling?

I know this is a very late reply but it might be of some help.

1. What is nature of your updates/deletes? Do you have many deletes or few 
updates or other way round.

2. Have you tried using pgavd?

If your load involves lot's of updates, pgavd can definitely help you.



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