> The SGML docs aren't in the DBA's face and are way out of the way for
> DBAs rolling out a new system or who are tuning the system.  SGML ==
> Developer, conf == DBA.

That's exactly my point.  We cannot provide enough documentation in the CONF 
file without septupling its length.  IF we remove all commentary, and instead 
provide a pointer to the documentation, more DBAs will read it.

>   Some of those parameters are based on
> hardware constraints and should be pooled and organized as such.
> random_page_cost ==
>       avg cost of a random disk seek/read (eg: disk seek time) ==
>       constant integer for a given piece of hardware

But, you see, this is exactly what I'm talking about.   random_page_cost isn't 
static to a specific piece of hardware ... it depends as well on what else is 
on the disk/array, concurrent disk activity, disk controller settings, 
filesystem, OS, distribution of records and tables, and arrangment of the 
partitions on disk.   One can certainly get a "good enough" value by 
benchmarking the disk's random seek and calculating based on that ... but to 
get an "ideal" value requires a long interactive session by someone with 
experience and in-depth knowledge of the machine and database.

> There are other settings that are RAM based as well, which should be
> formulaic and derived though a formula hasn't been defined to date.

You seem pretty passionate about this ... how about you help me an Kevin 
define a benchmarking suite when I get back into the country (July 17)?   If 
we're going to define formulas, it requires that we have a near-comprehensive 
and consistent test database and test battery that we can run on a variety of 
machines and platforms.

-Josh Berkus

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