On Sun, 6 Jul 2003, Matthew Nuzum wrote:

> At the very least, if there is good documentation for these parameters,
> maybe the conf file should provide a link to this info. 

I believe that is what Josh is proposing:


> [Apache httpd] uses a three phase (if not more) documentation level.  
> The .conf file contains detailed instructions in an easy to read and
> not-to-jargon-ish structure.  The docs provide detailed tutorials and
> papers that expand on configuration params in an easy to read format.  
> Both of these refer to the thorough reference manual that breaks each
> possible option down into it's nitty gritty details so that a user can
> get more information if they so desire.

I agree that Apache's approach is primo.  Often the .conf comments are
enough to jog my memory about a directive I haven't used for a while.  Or
the comments are enough to let me know I don't need a directive, or that I
need to go to the manual and read more.  I appreciate that.


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