> Brian Suggests:
> > I'm curious how many of the configuration values can be determined
> > automatically, or with the help of some script.  It seem like there
> > could be some perl script in contrib that could help figure this out.
> > Possibly you are asked a bunch of questions and then the values are
> > computed based on that.   Something like:
> This would be great!  Wanna be in charge of it?

Is there a to-do list for this kind of stuff?  Maybe there could be a "help
wanted" sign on the website.  Seems like there are lot's of good ideas that
fly around here but never get followed up on.

Additionally, I have an increasingly large production database that I would
be willing to do some test-cases on.  I don't really know how to do it
though... If someone where able to give instructions I could run tests on
three different platforms.

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