> Are you willing to say that the PostgreSQL database system should only be
> used by DBAs?  I believe that Postgres is such a good and useful tool that
> anyone should be able to start using it with little or no barrier
> to entry.

This is a good point.  After reading previous responses I was starting to
feel like the only non-DBA Postgres user on this list.  I'm a java
architect/developer and until recently I knew very little about databases.
I just learned what an index was while trying to tune Postgres.  I imagine
some of you are even laughing reading this but it's true.  In Java land, the
O/R mapping tools are getting so good that you don't have to be a database
expert to use the database.  I'm using JDO which generates my database
tables and indexes automatically.  But you do need to learn about the
database in order to increase performance and optimize the settings.  I'm
sure I'm not the only developer who is overwhelmed by the Postgres
documentation and configuration files.


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