We have several tables (in a PG 7.3.3 database on RH Linux 7.3) with 2M+ rows (each row 300-400 bytes in length) that we SELECT into a JDBC ResultSet for display to the user. We expected that the driver would not actually transmit data from the database until the application began issuing getXXX() calls. (IIRC, this is the way the Oracle driver works, and we had created a buffering mechanism to use it.) Instead, the driver appears to be attempting to create the whole rowset in Java memory before returning, and the application runs out of memory. (Java has been configured to use up to 1.5G on the machine this occurs on.)

Now the SELECT is preceded by a COUNT of the rows that the same query would return, so perhaps that's what's causing the problem. But the question is, is this the way a ResultSet is supposed to work? Are there any configuration options available that modify this behavior? Are there commercial implementations of PG JDBC that don't have this problem? (Shame on me, but I have to ask. :)

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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