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Christoph Nelles

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RC> Greetings,
RC> We have several tables (in a PG 7.3.3 database on RH Linux 7.3) with 2M+ 
RC> rows (each row 300-400 bytes in length) that we SELECT into a JDBC 
RC> ResultSet for display to the user. We expected that the driver would not 
RC> actually transmit data from the database until the application began 
RC> issuing getXXX() calls. (IIRC, this is the way the Oracle driver works, 
RC> and we had created a buffering mechanism to use it.) Instead, the driver 
RC> appears to be attempting to create the whole rowset in Java memory 
RC> before returning, and the application runs out of memory. (Java has been 
RC> configured to use up to 1.5G on the machine this occurs on.)

RC> Now the SELECT is preceded by a COUNT of the rows that the same query 
RC> would return, so perhaps that's what's causing the problem. But the 
RC> question is, is this the way a ResultSet is supposed to work? Are there 
RC> any configuration options available that modify this behavior? Are there 
RC> commercial implementations of PG JDBC that don't have this problem? 
RC> (Shame on me, but I have to ask. :)

RC> Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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