On 14 Jul 2003 at 12:51, Nick Fankhauser wrote:
> Any thoughts? Is this a sane plan? Are there other parameters I should
> consider changing first?

Well, everything seems to be in order and nothing much to suggest I guess. But 

1. 30 users does not seem to be much of a oevrhead. If possible try doing away 
with connection pooling. Buta test benchmark run is highly recommended.

2. While increasing sort memory, try 4/8/16 in that order. That way you will 
get a better picture of load behaviour. Though whatever you put appears 
reasonable, having more data always help.

3. I don't know how this affects on SCSI drives, but what file system you are 
using? Can you try diferent ones? Like reiserfs/ext3 and XFS? See what fits 
your bill.

4. OK, this is too much but linux kernel 2.6 is in test and has vastly improved 
IO scheduler. May be you should look at it if you are up to experimentation.



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