I currently have a J2EE app that allows our users to upload files. The actual file gets stored on the same disk as the webserver is running on, while the information they entered about the file gets stored in the database. We now need to move the database to a different machine and I'm wondering if we should just start storing the files as BLOBs while we're at it so that the files and their data all stay together. This would make moving the database and backing up the data a lot easier.
So, I'm wondering how many people out there are using Postgres to store binary data. Our new database server is Linux running on a dual Xeon 2.6Ghz with 1GB of RAM and two 36GB 10K RPM Ultra 320 SCSI hard drives in RAID 0. The files we're storing are small images and ringtones for cell phones. The average file size is about 40KB.
I had originally chosen to store the files outside the database because I thought there was a need to be able to browse those files outside of the J2EE app. That turned out to not be the case. I also didn't realize how small these files were going to be.
The total size of our file directory is 775MB. Should I have any concern that Postgres is going to have problems with handling that many files or that much data for the machine I described above?

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