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        I have an application I wrote that uses two tables heavily.  The first table 
is a queue table, the second table is an archive table.  The queue table is 
constantly taking on new records at the rate of 10/second.  My software pulls 
the logs from the queue table, processes them, moves them to the archive 
table, and then deletes the processed entries from the queue table.

        My system will run great after a full vacuum(as I would expect).  It will run 
all day long taking only 3-5 seconds to run and deal with approximately 
100megs of new data each day.  However, the instant the system finishes only 
a 'vacuum analyze', the whole thing slows WAY down to where each run can take 
10-15 minutes.

        ie.  After a full analyze vacuum, my software will load, process, move, and 
delete in under 3-4 seconds.  After a analyze vacuum(notice: not full), it 
can load, process and move data in 3-5 seconds but the delete takes 10-15 
minutes!  I submit the delete as one transaction to clear out the records 
processed.  Trunactae won't work because other records are coming in while I 
process data.  Mind you the archive table is 15 million records while the 
temporary table is maybe 10-20,000 records. 

        Now I just rewrote a portion of my application to change its behavior.  What 
it did before was that it would pile through a 10 gig archive table, 
processed logs, etc... in about 3 minutes but I did not delete in the same 
way because everything is already in one table.  My software has to run every 
five minutes so the three minute runtime is getting close for process 

        The old system didn't delete records but plowed through the 10 gig db and 
takes 3 1/2 minutes to do its job.  The new system flies through the smaller 
queue table(100-200k) but it dies after conducting a non-full vacuum.

        Is the planner just that much better at analyzing a full then an regular 
analyze or is there something else I'm missing?

The Box:
The DB is a dual P4 2.4ghz Xeon w/ 1.5 gig of RAM.  IBM 335 w/ 36gig mirrored.

kernel.shmmax = 1342177280

shared_buffers = 115200        # 2*max_connections, min 16
sort_mem = 65536             # min 32
vacuum_mem = 196608          # min 1024
fsync = false

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