On Fri, 2003-08-01 at 12:44, Josh Berkus wrote:
> Francisco,
> > Yes all fields belong to the same entity. I used 100 as an example it may
> > be something like 60 to 80 fields (there are two tables in question). I
> > don't formally do 3rd normal form, but for the most part I do most of
> > the general concepts of normalization.
> >
> > > If not, then good design says to split the table.
> Actually, no, it doesn't.   If all 60-80 fields are unitary and required 
> characteristics of the row-entity, normalization says keep them in one table.

You snipped out too much, because that's exactly what I said...
Another way of writing it: only split the table if some of the fields
are not unitary to the entity.

> The only time NF would recommend splitting the table is for fields which are 
> frequenly NULL for reasons other than missing data entry.  For those, you'd 
> create a child table.  Although while this is good 4NF, it's impractical in 
> PostgreSQL, where queries with several LEFT OUTER JOINs tend to be very slow 
> indeed.

Good to know.

> My attitude toward these normalization vs. performance issues is consistenly 
> the same:  First, verify that you have a problem.   That is, build the 
> database with everything in one table (or with child tables for Nullable 
> fields, as above) and try to run your application.  If performance is 
> appalling, *then* take denormalization steps to improve it.

The OP was not talking about denormalizing ...

It was: will vertically partitioning a table increase performance.
And the answer is "sometimes",

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