On Fri, 1 Aug 2003, Josh Berkus wrote:

> My attitude toward these normalization vs. performance issues is consistenly
> the same:  First, verify that you have a problem.   That is, build the
> database with everything in one table (or with child tables for Nullable
> fields, as above) and try to run your application.  If performance is
> appalling, *then* take denormalization steps to improve it.

I think I understand your point, however it would be very laborious after
you do all development to find out you need to de-normalize.

On your experience at which point it would actually help to do this
de-normalization in PostgreSQL? I know there are numerous factors ,but any
feedback based on previous experiences would help.

Right now the work I am doing is only for company internal use. If I was
to ever do work that outside users would have access to then I would be
looking at 100+ concurrent users.

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