OSDL has ported OSDL Database Test Suite 3(OSDL-DBT3) to PostgreSQL.  
It drives the database with an ad-hoc decision support workload.  It
helps database developers and users to identify database performance

OSDL-DBT3 is derived from TPC-H benchmark.  TPC-H is an ad-hoc decision
support benchmark.  It has 22 complicated queries doing a lot of
table/index scanning, sorting and grouping by.  Details about TPC-H can
be found at: http://www.tpc.org/tpch/

Though OSDL-DBT3 is based on TPC-H, it deviates from TPC-H
significantly.  It skipped many of the requirements for audit purpose,
as well as added flexibility.  OSDL-DBT3 performance test results are
not comparable to TPC-H results.

OSDL-DBT3 tarball can be downloaded from:
The source can be downloaded from source forge cvs tree and osdl bk tree

OSDL-DBT3 is also implemented on OSDL Scalable Test Platform(STP).  The
platform provides a framework where users run a set of performance and
scalability tests on various hardware platforms.  Currently, OSDL-DBT3
is running against PostgreSQL 7.3.3 only.  We plan to improve it so that
it can run against PostgreSQL patches.  To find more information about
STP, visit: http://www.osdl.org/stp/.  

A sample OSDL-DBT3 test result report can be found at:

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