On 4 Aug 2003 at 15:33, Manfred Koizar wrote:

> On 01 Aug 2003 11:04:10 -0700, Jenny Zhang <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >A sample OSDL-DBT3 test result report can be found at:
> >http://khack.osdl.org/stp/276912/
> >
> >Your comments are welcome,

I could not get postgresql .conf so I will combine the comments.

1. Effective cache size, already mentioned
2. Sort memory already mentioned.
3. Was WAL put on different drive?
4. Can you try with autovacuum daemon and 7.4beta when it comes out..
5. What was the file system? Ext2/Ext3/reiser/XFS?

<Scratching head>

Is there any comparison available for other databases.. Could be interesting to 

</Scratching head>

Thanks for the good work. I understand it must have been quite an effort to run 

Keep it up..


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