On 4 Aug 2003 at 12:14, Scott Cain wrote:
> I forgot about searching--I suspect that application is why I faced
> opposition for shredding in my schema development group.  Maybe I should
> push that off to the file system and use grep (or BLAST).  Otherwise, I
> could write a function that would search the chunks first, then after
> failing to find the substring in those, I could start sewing the chunks
> together to look for the query string.  That could get ugly (and
> slow--but if the user knows that and expects it to be slow, I'm ok with
> that).

I assume your DNA sequence is compacted. Your best bet would be to fetch them 
from database and run blast on them in client memory. No point duplicating 
blast functionality. Last I tried it beat every technique of text searching 
when heuristics are involved.


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