> be able to handle at least 8M at a time. The machine has
> two P III 933MHz CPU's, 1.128G RAM (512M*2 + 128M), and
> a 36 Gig hd with 1 Gig swap and 3 equal size ext3 partitions.
> What would be the recomended setup for good performance
> considering that the db will have about 15 users for
> 9 hours in a day, and about 10 or so users throughout the day
> who wont be conistenly using the db.

For 15 users you won't need great tuning at all. Just make sure, that you
have the right indizes on the tables and that you have good queries (query

About the 8Meg blobs, I don't know. Other people on this list may be able to
give you hints here.


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