On Fri, 8 Aug 2003, mixo wrote:

> I have just installed redhat linux 9 which ships with Pg
> 7.3.2. Pg has to be setup so that data inserts (blobs) should
> be able to handle at least 8M at a time.

Nothing has to be done to tune postgresql to handle this, 8 Meg blobs are 
no problem as far as I know.

> The machine has
> two P III 933MHz CPU's, 1.128G RAM (512M*2 + 128M), and
> a 36 Gig hd with 1 Gig swap and 3 equal size ext3 partitions.
> What would be the recomended setup for good performance
> considering that the db will have about 15 users for
> 9 hours in a day, and about 10 or so users throughout the day
> who wont be conistenly using the db.

Seeing as you have only one hard drive, how you arrange things on it 
doesn't really make a big difference.   If you can get another drive and 
mirror your data partition that will help speed up selects as well as 
provide some redundancy should one drive fail.

How many queries per second are you looking at handling?  If it's 1 or 
less, you probably don't have much to worry about with this setup.  We run 
dual PIII-750s at work with 1.5 Gig ram, and while we're going to upgrade 
the servers (they're currently handling apache/php/postgresql & ldap) 
we'll keep the dual PIII-750 machines as the database boxes with nothing 
else on them.  Postgresql is quite snappy on such hardware.

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