On 28 Aug 2003 at 1:07, Anders K. Pedersen wrote:

> Hello,
> We're running a set of Half-Life based game servers that lookup user 
> privileges from a central PostgreSQL 7.3.4 database server (I recently 
> ported the MySQL code in Adminmod to PostgreSQL to be able to do this).
> The data needed by the game servers are combined from several different 
> tables, so we have some views set up to provide the data in the format 
> needed.
> Currently there's only a few users in the database for testing purposes, 
> and most of the time the user lookup's take 2-3 ms (I have syslog'ing of 
> queries and duration turned on), but several times per hour the duration 
> for one of the queries is 2-3 seconds (1000 times larger), while the 
> surrounding lookups take the usual 2-3 ms.

Check vmstat during the same period if it is syncing at that point as Tom 

Are you using pooled connections? If yes you could shorten life of a connection 
and force making a new connection every 10-15 minutes say. That would avoid IO 
avelanche at the end of the hour types.



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