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Currently there's only a few users in the database for testing purposes, and most of the time the user lookup's take 2-3 ms (I have syslog'ing of queries and duration turned on), but several times per hour the duration for one of the queries is 2-3 seconds (1000 times larger), while the surrounding lookups take the usual 2-3 ms.

One thing that comes to mind is that the slow query could be occurring
at the same time as a checkpoint, or some other cycle-chewing background
operation.  It's not clear why a checkpoint would slow things down that
much, though.  Anyway I'd suggest looking for such activities; once we
know if that's the issue or not, we can make some progress.

One of my colleagues suggested looking for checkpoints as well; I searched the log, but only the following messages turned up:

Aug 11 15:21:04 gs1 postgres[5447]: [2] LOG: checkpoint record is at 0/80193C
Aug 23 13:59:51 gs1 postgres[16451]: [2] LOG: checkpoint record is at 0/201EB74
Aug 25 02:48:17 gs1 postgres[1059]: [2] LOG: checkpoint record is at 0/2B787D0

Currently there are only relatively few changes to the database - one INSERT everytime one of our game admins executes an administrative command (like ban or kick), and this happens at most 10 times per hour. As I understand checkpoints, this should mean, that they aren't happening very often, and when they do, should be able to finish almost immediately.

Anders K. Pedersen

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