On 27 Aug 2003 at 15:50, Tarhon-Onu Victor wrote:

>       Hi,
>       I have a (big) problem with postgresql when making lots of 
> inserts per second. I have a tool that is generating an output of ~2500 
> lines per seconds. I write a script in PERL that opens a pipe to that 
> tool, reads every line and inserts data.
>       I tryed both commited and not commited variants (the inserts 
> were commited at every 60 seconds), and the problem persists.

Assuming one record per line, you are committing after 150K records, that's not 

Try committing every 5 seconds. And open more than one conenction. That will 
certainly improve performance. Afterall concurrency is biggest assset of 

Fiddle around with combination and see which works best for you.


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