I have a (big) problem with postgresql when making lots of 
inserts per second. I have a tool that is generating an output of ~2500 
lines per seconds. I write a script in PERL that opens a pipe to that 
tool, reads every line and inserts data.
        I tryed both commited and not commited variants (the inserts 
were commited at every 60 seconds), and the problem persists.

        The problems is that only ~15% of the lines are inserted into 
the database. The same script modified to insert the same data in a 
similar table created in a MySQL database inserts 100%.

        I also dropped the indexes on various columns, just to make sure 
that the overhead is not to big (but I also need that indexes because 
I'll make lots of SELECTs from that table).
        I tried both variants: connecting to a host and localy (through 
postgresql server's socket (/tmp/s.PGSQL.5432).

        Where can be the problem?

        I'm using postgresql 7.4 devel snapshot 20030628 and 20030531. 
Some of the settings are:

shared_buffers = 520
max_locks_per_transaction = 128
wal_buffers = 8 
max_fsm_relations = 30000
max_fsm_pages = 482000 
sort_mem = 131072
vacuum_mem = 131072
effective_cache_size = 10000
random_page_cost = 2

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