Christopher Kings-Lynne wrote:
As with all performance tests/benchmarks, there are probably dozens or
more reasons why these results aren't as accurate or wonderful as they
should be.  Take them for what they are and hopefully everyone can
learn a few things from them.

Intelligent feedback is welcome.

I notice that the Linux FSs weren't tested with noatime. Any reason?

My friend, (a FreeBSD committer), was wondering what the results are if you turn off softupdates (to match Linux default installation) and use noatime.

Keep an eye on the page. The test results will be posted shortly after I finish them.

Keep in mind, I'm more interested in figuring out what can be done to make
Postgres _faster_, so tests along that line are going to have a higher
priority than ones that specifically compare "apples to apples" or anything
like that.

He also wonders how bug the default IO is?


Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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