Hi all,
I have some tables (which can get pretty large) in which I want to record 'current' data as well as 'historical' data. This table has fields 'deleted' and 'deleteddate' (among other fields, of course). The field 'deleted' is false be default. Every record that I want to delete gets the value true for 'deleted' and 'deleteddate' is set to the date of deletion.
Since these tables are used a lot by queries that only use 'current' data, I have created a view with a where clause 'Where not deleted'. Also, I have indexed field 'deleted'.

I think the best choice for your case is using conditional indexes. It should be much better than indexing 'deleted' field. I don't know on which exactly fields you have to create this index - you have to check it by yourself - what do you have in "where" clause?

create index some_index on your_table(id_field) where not deleted;

Regards, Tomasz Myrta

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