Shridhar Daithankar wrote:
Just a guess here but does a precompiled postgresql for x86 and a x86-64 optimized one makes difference?
> Opteron is one place on earth you can watch difference between 32/64
> bit on same machine. Can be handy at times..

I don't know yet. I tried building a 64-bit kernel and my eyes glazed over trying to figure out how to create the cross-platform GCC compiler that's first needed to build the kernel. Then I read all the libraries & drivers also needed to be 64-bit compiled and at that point gave up the ghost. I'll wait until a 64-bit Redhat distro is available before I test the 64-bit capabilities.

The preview SuSE 64-bit Linux used in most of the Opteron rollout tests has MySql precompiled as 64-bit and under that DB, 64-bit added an extra ~25% performance (compared to a 32-bit SuSE install). My guess is half of the performance comes from eliminating the PAE swapping.

I am sure. But is 64 bit environment, Xeon is not the compitition. It's PA-RSC-
8700, ultraSparcs, Power series and if possible itanium.

Well, just because the Opteron is 64-bit doesn't mean it's direct competition for the high-end RISC chips. Yes, if you're looking at the discrete CPU itself, it appears they could compete -- the SpecINT scores places the Opteron near the top of the list. But big companies also need the infrastructure, management tools and top-end scalability. If you just have to have the million dollar machines (128x Itanium2 servers or whatever), AMD is nowhere close to competing unless Beowulf clusters fit your needs.

In terms of infrastructure, scalability, mindshare and pricing, Xeon is most certainly Opteron's main competition. We're talking <$10K servers versus $50K+ servers (assuming you actually want performance instead of having a single pokey UltraSparc CPU in a box). And yes, just because Opteron is a better performing server platform than Xeon doesn't mean a corporate fuddy-duddy still won't buy Xeon due to the $1B spent by Intel on marketting.

We should see a boost when we move to 64-bit Linux and hopefully another one when NUMA for Linux is production-stable.

Getting a 2.6 running now is the answer to make it stable fast..:-) Of course if you have spare hardware..

My office is a pigsty of spare hardware lying around. :) We're like pigs rolling around in the mud.

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