On Fri, 2003-08-29 at 11:33, William Yu wrote:
> Shridhar Daithankar wrote:
> > I am sure. But is 64 bit environment, Xeon is not the compitition. It's PA-RSC-
> > 8700, ultraSparcs, Power series and if possible itanium.
> Well, just because the Opteron is 64-bit doesn't mean it's direct 
> competition for the high-end RISC chips. Yes, if you're looking at the 
> discrete CPU itself, it appears they could compete -- the SpecINT scores 
> places the Opteron near the top of the list. But big companies also need 
> the infrastructure, management tools and top-end scalability. If you 
> just have to have the million dollar machines (128x Itanium2 servers or 
> whatever), AMD is nowhere close to competing unless Beowulf clusters fit 
> your needs.

With the proper motherboards and chipsets, it can definitely compete.

What's so special about Itanic-2 that it can be engineered to be
put in 128x boxes and run VMS and high-end Unix , but Opti can't?
Nothing.  If a company with enough engineering talent wants to do
it, it can happen.

Ron Johnson, Jr. [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Jefferson, LA USA

"For me and windows it became a matter of easy to start with, 
and becoming increasingly difficult to be productive as time 
went on, and if something went wrong very difficult to fix, 
compared to linux's large over head setting up and learning the 
system with ease of use and the increase in productivity 
becoming larger the longer I use the system."
Rohan Nicholls , The Netherlands

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