On Sat, 2003-08-30 at 10:47, Rob Nagler wrote:
> Tom Lane writes:
> enough.  When I add this index, I will slow down inserts (about
> 20K/day) and increase data size (this is the second largest table in

Since I gather that this is a web-site, can we presume that they
are clumped into an 8 hour range?  20,000/8 = 2,500/hour, which
is 41.67/minute.  If you can't do .69 inserts/second, something
is wrong, and it ain't hardware, and it ain't Postgresql...

> > PS: does server_id really need to be NUMERIC?  Why not integer, or at
> > worst bigint?
> It is a NUMERIC(18).  It could be a bigint.  What would be the change
> in performance of this query if we changed it to bigint?


Scalars are faster than arbitrary precision types.  Small (32 bit)
scalars are faster than bit (64 bit) scalars on x86 h/w.

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