> Im running a Datawarehouse benchmark (APB-1) on PostgreSql. The objective is to
> choose which of the to main db (PostgreSQL, MySQL) is fastest. I've run into a
> small problem which I hope could be resolved here.
> I'm trying to speed up this query:
> select count(*) from actvars, prodlevel where
> actvars.product_level=prodlevel.code_level and
> prodlevel.division_level='OY3S5LAPALL6';

How about EXPLAIN ANALYZE output?

> ACTVARS is a fact table of aproximatly 16 million rows, PRODLEVEL has 20700
> rows. Both have btree indices. 

> The database has been vacuumed and analyze has been executed.

The usual postgresql.conf adjustments have also been made?

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