>Damn.. Seq. scan for actvars? I would say half an hour is a good throughput.
>Are there any indexes on both actvars.product_level and prodlevel.code_level?
Are >they exactly compatible type? int2 and int4 are not compatible in
postgresql >lingo.
>That plan should go for index scan. Can you show us the table definitions?
>And yes, what tuning you did to postgresql?
The alterations done upon postgresql.conf with 512 RAM were these:

max_connections = 3
shared_buffers = 6000
wal_buffers = 32
sort_mem = 2048
fsync = false
effective_cache_size = 44800
random_page_cost = 3
default_statistics_target = 50

Yes I have an index on actvars.product_level and an index on
prodlevel.code_level.Both indices have character(12) data types.

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