Oops! [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Dror Matalon) was seen spray-painting on a wall:
> I smell a religious war in the aii:-). 
> Can you go several days in a row without doing select count(*) on any
> of your tables? 

I would be more likely, personally, to run "VACUUM VERBOSE ANALYZE",
which has useful side-effects :-).

> I suspect that this is somewhat a domain specific issue. In some
> areas you don't need to know the total number of rows in your
> tables, in others you do.

"Relationship tables," which don't contain data in their own right,
but which, instead, link together records in other tables, are likely
to have particularly useless COUNT(*)'s.

> I also suspect that you're right, that end user applications don't
> use this information as often as DBAs would. On the other hand, it
> seems whenever you want to optimize your app (something relevant to
> this list), one of the things you do need to know is the number of
> rows in your table.

Ah, but in the case of optimization, there's little need for
"transactionally safe, MVCC-managed, known-to-be-exact" values.
Approximations are plenty good enough to get the right plan.

Furthermore, it's not the number of rows that is most important when
optimizing queries; the number of pages are more relevant to the
matter, as that's what the database is slinging around.
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