On Thu, 2 Oct 2003, Christopher Browne wrote:

> I can't imagine why the raw number of tuples in a relation would be
> expected to necessarily be terribly useful.

We use stuff like that for reporting queries.

On our message boards each post is a row.  The powers that be like to know
how many posts there are total (In addition to 'today')-
select count(*) from posts is how it has been
done on our informix db.  With our port to PG I instead select reltuples

I know when I login to a new db (or unknown to me db) the first thing I do
is look at tables and see what sort of data there is.. but in code I'd
rarely do that.

I know some monitoring things around here also do a select count(*) on
sometable to ensure it is growing, but like you said, this is easily done
with the number of pages as well.

yes. Informix caches this data. I believe Oracle does too.

Mysql with InnoDB does the same thing PG does. (MyISAM caches it)


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