Jeff wrote:
> On Wed, 8 Oct 2003, Neil Conway wrote:
> >
> > What CFLAGS does configure pick for gcc? From
> > src/backend/template/solaris, I'd guess it's not enabling any
> > optimization. Is that the case? If so, some gcc numbers with -O and -O2
> > would be useful.
> >
> I can't believe I didn't think of this before! heh.
> Turns out gcc was getting nothing for flags.
> I added -O2 to CFLAGS and my 60 seconds went down to 21.  A rather mild
> improvment huh?
> I did a few more tests and suncc still beats it out - but not by too much
> now (Not enought to justify buying a license just for compiling pg)
> I'll go run the regression test suite with my gcc -O2 pg and the suncc pg.
> See if they pass the test.
> If they do we should consider adding -O2 and -fast to the CFLAGS.

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Well, this is really embarassing.  I can't imagine why we would not set
at least -O on all platforms.  Looking at the template files, I see
these have no optimization set:
        freebsd (non-alpha)
        osf (gcc)

I thought we used to have code that did -O for any platforms that set no
cflags, but I don't see that around anywhere.  I recommend adding -O2,
or at leaset -O to all these platforms --- we can then use platform
testing to make sure they are working.

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