Per Josh's recommendation to implement a Vertical Child Table I came
up with 3 possible tables to handle the 3 possible value types: varchar,
numeric and bigint.  Each table has 7 columns: 1 to denote the time the
data was collected, 4 which identify where the data came from, 1 to
tell me the value name and the last being the value itself.

                OLD             NEW
tables          1               3
columns         642             7 each
indexes         ~1200           39
views           37              ?
rows            1700-3000       30,000
query on table  0.01 sec        0.06 sec
query on view   0.02 sec        ?

Not too bad. Guess there were a few 0's and NULL's out there, eh?

642 * 1,700    = 1,091,400 cells
3 * 7 * 30,000 =   630,000 cells
                   461,400 NULL's and 0's using the big 'ol table

I can get around in this setup, however, I would appreciate some help
in recreating my views.  The views use to be there simply as an initial
filter and to hide all the 0's and NULL's.  If I can't do this I will
be revisiting and testing possibly hundreds of programs and scripts.

Any takers?


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