Greg Spiegelberg wrote:

Josh Berkus wrote:

As you can see, the NULLs are not stored, making this system much more efficient on storage space.

Tommorrow I'll (hopefully) write up how to query this for comparisons. It would help if you gave a little more details about what specific comparison you're doing, e.g. between tables or table to value, comparing just the last value or all rows, etc.

Got it. I can see how it would be more efficient in storing. At this point it would require a lot of query and code rewrites to handle it. Fortunately, we're looking for alternatives for the next revision and we're leaving ourselves open for a rewrite much to the boss's chagrin.

I'm not sure about the save in storage. See the Hannu Krosing arguments.

Regards Gaetano Mendola

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