> One other small question ... Does PostgreSQL is scalable ?

Given that we have several members of our community with 2TB databases, and 
one entitiy with a 32TB database, I'd say yes.

> I mean ... is it possible to have two servers, one rack of disks connected
> to the 2 servers to get access in same time to the same database ?

Not at this time, no.

> Other point is there any possibilties to make servers clusters with
> PostgreSQL ? If no why ? If yes how ? ;o)

Only via replication or creative use of DBLink.   Nobody has yet offered to 
build us database server clustering, which would be very nice to have, but 
would require a substantial investment from a corporate sponsor.

> To be clear I would like to make a system with PostgreSQL able to answer
> about 70 000 000 requests by day (Internet services) ... I'm not sure about
> the server configuration I have to make.

That sounds doable on proper hardware with good tuning.    Might I suggest 
that you consider hiring a consultant and start from there?  I believe that 
Afilias Limited (www.afilias.info) has the requisite experience in Europe.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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