On Fri, 2003-10-10 at 10:41, Josh Berkus wrote:
> Herve'
> > One other small question ... Does PostgreSQL is scalable ?
> Given that we have several members of our community with 2TB databases, and 
> one entitiy with a 32TB database, I'd say yes.

It depends on what is meant by "scalable".  In terms of physical data
size, definitely yes.  In terms of concurrency, it is also pretty good
with only a few caveats (e.g. large SMP systems aren't really exploited
to their potential).  However, in terms of working set size it is only
"fair to middling", which is why I'm looking into those parts right now.
So "scalable" really depends on what your load profile looks like.  For
some load profiles it is extremely scalable and for other load profiles
less so, though nothing exhibits truly "poor" scalability that I've
found.  A lot of scalability is how you set the parameters and design
the system if the underlying engine is reasonably competent.  For the
vast majority of purposes, you'll find that PostgreSQL scales just fine.


-James Rogers

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