> >>     This would be parameters such as the block size and a few
> >> other compile time parameters. If we can get to some of these
> >> read-only parameters than that would make this step easier,
> >> certainly for the new recruits amongst us.
> >
> > Actually, from my perspective, we shouldn't bother with this; if an admin
> > knows enough to set an alternate blaock size for PG, then they know
> > enough to tweak the Conf file by hand.  I think we should just issue a
> > warning that this script:
> > 1) does not work for anyone who is using non-default block sizes,
> There was some talk, either on this list or freebsd-performance
> about setting the default block size for PostgreSQL running on
> FreeBSD to be 16k because of performance reasons. That is: *default*
> for the port, user is not asked.

Real quick, this isn't true, the block size is tunable, but does not
change the default.  You can set PGBLOCKSIZE to the values "16K" or
"32K" to change the block size, but the default remains 8K.



Sean Chittenden

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