Centuries ago, Nostradamus foresaw when [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Vivek Khera) would write:
>>>>>> "JB" == Josh Berkus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> JB> Chris,
>>> > PostgreSQL requires some more shared memory to cache some tables, x Mb,
>>> > do you want to increase your OS kernel parameters?
>>> >
>>> >    Tweak shmmax and shmmall
>>> Note that this still requires a kernel recompile on FreeBSD :(
> JB> Not our fault, now is it?  This would mean that we wouldn't be
> JB> able to script for FreeBSD.  Bug the FreeBSD developers.
> "I read it on the net so it must be true" applies here.  You /can/ set
> these values via sysctl calls.

Yes, indeed, sysctl can tweak these values fairly adequately.

Now, numbers of semaphors are not as readily tweaked; I wound up
limited, the other day, when I tried setting values for...

let name="cbbrowne" and tld="ntlug.org" in String.concat "@" [name;tld];;
"So, when you typed in the date, it exploded into a sheet of blue
flame and burned the entire admin wing to the ground? Yes, that's a
known bug. We'll be fixing it in the next release. Until then, try not
to use European date format, and keep an extinguisher handy."
-- [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Tequila Rapide) 

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